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NETGEAR M4250 Series
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NETGEAR M4250 Series

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Introducing the NETGEAR AV Line of M4250 Switches, developed and engineered for audio/video professionals with dedicated service and support. M4250 has been built from the ground up for the growing AV over IP market, combining years of networking expertise in AV with M4300 and M4500 series with best practices from leading experts in the professional AV market. AV codecs generally use 1Gbps or 10Gbps per stream and the AV Line of M4250 targets the widespread 1Gbps codecs.

PoE+, Ultra90 PoE++ and rear-facing ports ensure a clean integration in AV racks. M4250 switches come pre-configured for standard audio and video signals. When requirements are more specific, an AV user interface offers customization with port-based profiles. For audio Dante, Q-SYS and AES67 profiles are available, as well as an AVB profile requiring an AVB license sold separately. For video the M4250 offers profiles for NVX, AMX, Q-SYS, NDI, Dante etc. as well as audio/video/control mixed profiles. When multiple switches are used, NETGEAR IGMP PlusTM brings automation for you to just connect them together, or with M4300 and M4500 switches.

Extended AV features

  • Dedicated AV web-based GUI interface for more specific AV installations
  • Color-based AV profiles can be applied to the different ports
  • Dante, Q-SYS, AES67 and AVB audio profiles

Audio Video Bridging (AVB) services

  • AVB is one of the many features designed into the M4250 product line
  • AVB is an industry standard for transporting content over a network
  • AVB is used most often when very low latency is required such as in live performances when lip sync is critical

Other IT use cases

  • Standard or recessed mounting with all ports in the back, or all ports in the front
  • Fully featured L2/L3/L4 platform for midsize Enterprise campus networks, IoT and IPTV

Industry standard management

  • Industry standard command line interface (CLI), main NETGEAR IT web interface (GUI), SNMP, sFlow and RSPAN
  • Single-pane-of-glass NMS300 management platform with centralized firmware updates and mass-configuration support

Industry leading warranty

  • NETGEAR M4250 series is covered under NETGEAR ProSAFE Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty*
  • 90 days of Technical Support via phone and email, Lifetime Technical Support through online chat and Lifetime Next Business Day hardware replacement


Built for AV over IP

Pre-configured for out-of-the-box use

NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ enables instant multicast functionality for most AV over IP installations

Dedicated AV web-based GUI interface

Unique interface designed for the AV professional with color-coded, port-based profiles

Profiles for common audio protocols

Quickly assign profiles to ports for Dante, AES67, and AVB audio configurations. AVB Requires a separate license

Video profiles built-in

Special profiles for NVX, SVSI, Q-SYS and Dante video profiles can be easily assigned to ports as needed

Unique Automatic Configuration

Auto-trunk and auto-lag functionality automatically configures other M4250 switches for use in star topology.

Mounting Flexibility

Rackmount versatility

1U, 257mm deep rackmount with all power and Ethernet ports on the back

Reversed mounting possibility

Possible reversed mounting with ports in the front including recessed mounting to protect cables

Universal mounting availability

Mounting outside the rack made possible with bottom M5 and front M10 threaded holes

Fanless functionality

Quiet mode with 34dB@25ºC, or fanless mode when PoE load and temperature allow

Advanced Features

Multi-switch audio or single-switch video deployments

24x1G PoE+ with 300W PoE budget with 2x1G additional ports and 4xSFP 1G fiber uplinks

Layer 2/Layer 3 Switching

Common Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching engine across all M4250 models

Control methods abound

Built-in IT web GUI, console, telnet and SSH consistent with other NETGEAR M4xxx series

Standard network features

Feature set includes static, RIP and PIM routing, DHCP Server and PTPv2

At a Glance:

Hardware at a glance
  Rear LEDS Management
Model name Form-Factor Switching Fabric 10/100/1000BASE-TRJ45 ports 100/1000/2.5GBASE-T RJ45 ports 1000BASE-X SFP ports 1000/10GBASE-X SFP+ ports PSU Status Information Out-of-band Console
M4250-26G4F-PoE+ Full width
1U rack mount
60 Gbps 24 ports PoE+ (300W)
2 additional ports
- 4 ports SFP
- 1 x Fixed (C14)
On/Off switch

Software at a glance
  Layer 3 Package
Model name Management AV Dedicated UI IPv4 / IPv6
ACL and QoS,
IPv4 / IPv6 Multicast Filtering IPv4 / IPv6
Policing and
Spanning Tree
Green Ethernet
M4250-26G4F-PoE+ Out-of-band

IT Web GUI (main)

CLI; Telnet; SSH


Radius Users, TACACS+
AV web-based GUI

Designed for AV installers

AV-related controls

Audio over IP profiles

AVB profile*

Video over IP profiles

Mixed Audio and Video profiles

1 Kbps shaping

Single Rate Policing
NETGEAR IGMPTM Plus for automated IGMP between switches

IGMPv3 MLDv2 Snooping,
Proxy ASM & SSM

IGMPv1,v2 Querier
(compatible v3)

Control Packet Flooding

Policy-based routing (PBR)


IEEE 1588 PTPv2
1-Step End-to-End
Transparent Clock

802.1AS, 802.1Qav, 802.1Qat MSRP, 802.1ak MMRP, 802.1ak MVRP


Root Guard

EEE 802.3az
(EEE is disabled by default)
  Layer 3 Package
Model name VLANs Trunking Port Channel IPv4 / IPv6 Authentication Security IPv4 / IPv6 Static Routing IPv4 / IPv6 Dynamic Routing  
M4250-26G4F-PoE+ Static, Dynamic,
Voice, MAC


Double VLAN mode

Private VLANs
Auto-Trunk and Auto-LAG between M4250 Switches

Static LAG, or Dynamic LACP

(LACP automatically reverts to and from Static LAG)

Seven (7) L2/L3/L4 hashing algorithms
Successive Tiering
(DOT1X; MAB; Captive Portal)

DHCP Snooping
Dynamic ARP Inspection
IP Source Guard
Port, Subnet, VLAN routing

static routes

DHCPv4 Server

DHCP Relay

DHCPv6 Server


Performance at a Glance
Table Size
Model name MAC ARP/ NDP Routing / Switching Capacity Throughput Application Route Scaling Packet Buffer Latency
M4250-26G4F-PoE+ 16K MAC
60 Gbps
44.64 Mpps Static: 894v4/126v6
RIP: 32v4
16Mb <2.15.µs 1G
Table Size
Model name CPU IP Multicast
Routing Entries
Jumbo Frames Multicast
IGMP Group membership
M4250-26G4F-PoE+ Quad-Core Cortex-A57
ARMv8 1.8Ghz 64-bit
512 IPv4
128 IPv6
Up to 12K 2K IPv4
2K IPv6
4K VLANs DHCP Server: 2K leases
IPv4: 256 pools
IPv6: 16 pools

M4250-26G4F-PoE+ Front


M4250-26G4F-PoE+ Back


The NETGEAR AV Line M4250 series was designed with input from AV Professionals. The result is a line of switches built from the ground up to support 1Gb audio and video over IP with customized hardware and software along with dedicated service and support.

NETGEAR M4250 series key features:

  • Ranges from 8 to 48 ports with a variety of PoE+ and Ultra90 PoE++ options for 15.4W, 30W, 60W, 75W and 90W AVoIP endpoints
  • Uplink options include 1G for audio installations or standalone video installations as well as 10G uplinks for larger scale video deployments
  • Also includes 12-port multi-gigabit Ethernet and 16-port 1G/10G fiber models for plug and play aggregation in a star topology
  • Designed for a clean integration with traditional, rack-mounted, AV equipment
  • The M4250 switches come with a sleek, black display panel with status in front and all cabling plus additional status in the back
  • Reversed mounting is possible when ports are desired on the front of the rack
  • A second pair of rackmount ears allows the switches to be mounted recessed by 2-inches to allow for the cabling
  • Software-controlled fan adjustments enable the fans to be turned off when ambient temperature and PoE loads are appropriate for a totally fanless operation
  • Threaded holes on the bottom (4xM5 for 50x100mm VESA) and in front (1xM10 for clamps) allow for universal mounting options outside the rack as well

NETGEAR M4250 series AV software features:

  • Pre-configured for audio and video over IP out of the box, the M4250 switches enable encoders and decoders to be connected with zero configuration
  • When more configuration is required, an AV web-based GUI is available
  • This interface has been specially designed for AV installers with specific AV-related controls made more accessible and with port-based profiles
  • For audio, profiles for Dante, Q-SYS, AES67 are built-in, as well as an AVB profile (AVB license sold separately)
  • For video, the M4250 offers profiles for NVX, SVSI, Q-SYS, NDI, Kramer KDS, Aurora Multimedia, ZeeVee, Atlona, Dante and SDVoE
  • Other AV CODECs and manufacturers are supported as well as audio/video/control mixed profiles
  • To further simplify star deployments, NETGEAR IGMP Plus™ brings multicast automation between all M4250 switches, and with M4300/M4500
  • With Auto-Trunk and Auto-LAG, simply connect M4250 switches together and you are done!

NETGEAR M4250 series other software features:

  • All M4250 switches share the same high-end NETGEAR Layer 2 / Layer 3 switching engine for a consistent experience
  • All switches in the M4250 series have another main, IT web-based GUI for midsize Enterprise campus networks, IoT and IPTV
  • Additional features include static, RIP and PIM-SM, DM and SSM multicast routing, DHCP Server and PTPv2 Transparent Clock (1-step E2E)
  • AVB is the only feature requiring a license, all other advanced features are available license-free
  • Advanced classifier-based, time-based hardware implementation for L2 (MAC), L3 (IP) and L4 (UDP/TCP transport ports) security and prioritization
  • Selectable Port-Channel / LAG (802.3ad - 802.1AX) L2/L3/L4 hashing for fault tolerance and load sharing with any type of Ethernet channeling
  • Voice VLAN with SIP, H323 and SCCP protocols detection and LLDP-MED IP phones automatic QoS and VLAN configuration
  • Efficient authentication tiering with successive DOT1X, MAB and Captive Portal methods for streamlined BYOD
  • Comprehensive IPv4/IPv6 static and dynamic routing including Policy-based routing and 6-to-4 tunneling
  • Advanced IPv4/IPv6 security implementation including malicious code detection, DHCP Snooping, IP Source Guard protection and DoS attacks mitigation

NETGEAR M4250 series management features:

  • DHCP/BootP innovative auto-installation including firmware and configuration file upload automation
  • Industry standard SNMP, RMON, MIB, LLDP, AAA, sFlow, RSPAN and PTPv2
  • Service port for out-of-band Ethernet management (OOB)
  • Standard RS232 straight-through serial RJ45 and USB Type-C ports for local management console
  • Standard USB-A port for local storage, logs, configuration or image files
  • Dual firmware image for updates with minimum service interruption
  • Single-pane-of-glass NMS300 management platform with mass configuration support
  • Industry standard command line interface (CLI) for IT admins used to other vendors commands
  • Fully functional Web console (main GUI) for IT admins who prefer an easy to use graphical interface
  • Dedicated AV web-based GUI interface available at [switch IP address:8080] for AV installations

NETGEAR M4250 series warranty and support:

  • NETGEAR ProSAFE Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty**
  • Included Lifetime Technical Support
  • Included Lifetime Next Business Day Hardware Replacement
  • Offering free network design services and installation support, the NETGEAR Engineering Services Team is ready to help ensure your 1G deployments with the M4250 AV over IP switches go as smooth as possible. Just drop us an email at to get started!


Download the NETGEAR M4250 Series Datasheet (PDF).

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