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Upgrade to the highest WiFi speeds and performance with the latest WiFi 6E technology


WiFi 6E for Business

Upgrade to the highest WiFi speeds and performance with the latest WiFi 6E technology. Expand your network with WiFi 6E for faster speed, more connections and capacity with the new 6GHz band

What is WiFi 6E?

The benefits of WiFi 6E are clear and WiFi 6E is set to enable businesses to become more connected than ever before. WiFi today uses two bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. WiFi 6E unlocks the new 6GHz wireless band bringing more spectrum, less interference and more capacity to support high-bandwidth WiFi applications.

More Connected than Ever Before with WiFi 6E

Bringing WiFi to a Whole New Level

WiFi 6E Advantage

New 6 GHz WiFi Band

Exclusive access for only WiFi 6E end-point devices supporting the new 6GHz band for less congestion and faster speed.

More Spectrum

Up to 200% more spectrum than dual band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) WiFi for WiFi 6E devices.

More WiFi Channels

Up to 3.5X more bandwidth with the 160MHz WiFi channels for applications such as video conferencing and VR/AR.

Ultra-Low Latency

Less traffic on the 6GHz band gives you lower latency for your AR/VR, HD video quality for digital signage and other WiFi-intense applications.

Cutting-Edge Security

The latest in WiFi security, WPA3, to keep your employees and network safe.


more spectrum than dual-band WiFi


more high-bandwidth WiFi channels


compatible with all WiFi 6 access points

Why are businesses adopting WiFi 6E with NETGEAR?

Brings WiFi into 6GHz

Increased Spectrum

Less Congestion

No Interference on the 6GHz Band

Better Support for New Use Cases (AR/VR, HD video, etc.)

High-Bandwidth 160MHz WiFi Channels

Compatible with all NETGEAR Cloud Managed WiFi 6 Access Points

Seamless Roaming

Faster Backbone with 2.5G

WPA3 Security

NETGEAR Insight Remote Management

Easy configuration, monitoring, and management of your wireless access points. Wireless management features include: organization-wide SSID, VLAN creation, WiFi security configuration, reporting, and more.

NETGEAR WiFi 6E for Business

  • Compatible with all WiFi 6 access points for seamless roaming capabilities between all NETGEAR cloud managed WiFi 6 access points

  • Get the speed you pay for with multi-gigabit connectivity for better streaming, conferencing, and collaboration

  • Remote cloud management with multi-tenant and multi-location management and easy configuration

  • Leading warranty, next business day replacement, and 24/7 support

  • Proven WiFi technology with more than 25 years of reliability and performance used by millions of people in homes and businesses

  • Enterprise-grade networking at the right price for small and medium businesses

Featured Products

First tri-band WiFi 6E business access point for high-density indoor deployments

  • Expanded spectrum in the 6GHz band delivering faster speeds, higher capacity, and lower latency and congestion

  • Multi-gigabit connectivity with a 2.5GbE port for better conferencing and collaboration

  • Compatible with all WiFi 6 access points for seamless roaming capabilities between all NETGEAR cloud managed WiFi 6 access points

  • Cloud-based management with NETGEAR Insight for IT managers and managed service providers to easily manage their network locally and remotely

Pro WiFi Design Services

From a small business to a multi-level, luxury estate, our team of experts are standing by to help.

NETGEAR complimentary Pro WiFi Design Services includes:


Maximize wireless signals throughout the site with free WiFi design and a performance-centered site survey.


Get the right access points you need for your installation.


Solve any problems in the moment, on-site with a direct line to NETGEAR engineers.


Learn from the experts through pre-installation training, post-installation support and every solution in between.

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