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NETGEAR Work-from-Home Bundle

Enhance your employees' productivity at home

NETGEAR Work-from-Home Bundle enhances your emplyees' productivity at home

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Difficulties Setting up a WFH Network

Employee Technical Insight

Employees may not have the knowledge to create a clean, noise-free, dedicated, high-bandwidth WiFi connection for work that co-exists with their home WiFi environment.

Flexible Workspace

Employees need connectivity that covers the entire home while competing against other family members on WiFi bandwidth, reducing your employee’s effectiveness.


Employees use their home WiFi networks that often have low security measures putting your company data at risk.

Support and Troubleshooting

It may be difficult for employees to debug network problems when they occur without access to immediate resources.

Teach from home with NETGEAR wireless solutions

Education depends on great connectivity, but it has to be simple to install, easy to manage, affordable, flexible, safe, and most importantly, it has to ‘just work’. The good news is that the latest in wireless technology from NETGEAR meets all those needs. With more and more educators teaching from home, high-quality WiFi is a must to conduct virtual classes smoothly.

NETGEAR has extensive experience in the education market and is here to help education professionals make the most of what wireless has to offer: secure, flexible, affordable, easy-to-use and reliable products and services, with excellent performance and support even for remote teaching.

Difficulties educators may encounter while setting up a teach-from-home network:

  • Flexible workspace: educators need connectivity that covers the entire home while competing against other family members on WiFi bandwidth reducing effectiveness
  • Technical insight: educators may not have the knowledge to identify the best wireless solution for teaching from home or even how to install the device
  • Security: educators use their home WiFi networks that often have low security measures putting school admin data at risk

Solved with NETGEAR’s Work-from-Home Kit

Provide each employee with one WiFi Access Point that provides a dedicated WiFi connection for home working. Through NETGEAR Insight you have the ability to remotely setup, configure and manage your employee’s connection to keep them online. Here are some of the benefits your business receives from the Work-from-Home kit:

  • Improve security. Increase efficiency. Centralized management
  • Network admin in the office can remotely manage and configure WiFi settings in the employee’s home including full visibility into the WiFi neighborhood
  • Centrally managed firmware updates as needed

Start NETGEAR’s Work-from-Home Bundle

  1. Purchase the Work-from-Home kit Kit includes a number of high performance 802.11ac Dual Band WiFi access point (WAC510) + 1-Year of Insight management – see table below
  2. Create your business Insight account and configure all units without opening the box
  3. Ship out the devices to your employees’ homes for them to simply plug them in
  4. Set up device configuration and SSID settings automatically and remotely by Insight
  5. Employee connects WAC510 to an existing network and follows simple steps to set up their WiFi

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WAC510 Access Point

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