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10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router with Insight Cloud Management


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NETGEAR 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router with Insight Remote/Cloud Management
Price: $1,042.30
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All your network & security under one umbrella including support of VLAN, VPN and firewall

Introducing the highly anticipated addition to our networking line: the PR60X 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual-WAN Pro Router with Insight Remote Cloud Management. Easily connect and manage internet traffic between wired devices within a secure network to support business operations. This cutting-edge router is designed to meet the needs of businesses and professional users who require lightning-fast speeds and exceptional connectivity with remote management capabilities. The DualWAN functionality includes failover protection, ensuring uninterrupted internet connectivity for critical applications and services. The sleek, updated form factor of the router is designed for mounting with the ports in the rear, but can be installed reversed with the included, rack ears. As an Insight Remote Managed product, configuration and management is simple, stress-free, and available 24/7 from any location.


Intelligent Router

Providing all the routing and network segmentation features that a router must have, the NETGEAR 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual-WAN Pro Router with Insight Cloud Management will be the backbone of any modern small business.

10G/Multi-Gigabit LAN/WAN ports keep your data moving at top speed. IPSec Site-to-Site VPN allows interconnection between two networks for headquarter and brand office. With Network Address Translation (NAT) routing, all the users in your office can access your broadband connection at the same time.

Remote Management

The NETGEAR Insight Remote Management platform offers visibility and access to the routing features from a single pane of glass. Register, configure, manage and monitor your router with just a few taps from your Insight mobile App or web portal.

Business Grade

The quietly operating 19-inch rackmountable metal unit is backed by the industry’s best-in-class 3-year hardware warranty, 90-day free technical support, and 3-year next business day replacement.

Simply activate NETGEAR Insight Cloud management to manage your network. Anytime. Anywhere.

By activating the NETGEAR Insight Cloud management, the users will enable fundamental management features allowing businesses simpler configuration and deployment from anywhere using the NETGEAR Insight app from mobile devices or the Insight Cloud portal from any device with a web browser.

Unique advanced management features of these Insight managed devices include:

  • Remote monitoring and management with performance dashboards and troubleshooting features including remote reboot, port and PoE advanced configuration including remote enable/disable/power-cycle, PoE scheduling, and firmware updates with auto-schedule mode
  • Single pane-of-glass multi-device, multi-network, and multi-site remote monitoring and notifications with the NETGEAR Insight app
  • Full-fledged local or remote access for configuration, management, and monitoring on a larger display using your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer through the NETGEAR Insight Cloud portal
  • Configurable in-app and email alerts and notifications
  • Auto-join and configure (zero-touch provisioning) for additional Insight managed devices added to the network
  • Centralized network configuration (policies) across Insight managed switches, and access points for VLANs, ACLs, QoS, LAGs, etc.
  • Cloud-based network administration, monitoring, and firmware management

Features and Benefits:

Features: Benefits:
High performance hardware 10G/Multi-Gigabit throughput and 1x2.5G WAN, 1x10G/Multi-Gigabit WAN/LAN configurable port, 3x2.5G LAN and 1x10G SFP+ LAN.
WAN-to-LAN Throughput When using WAN2 port - 10Gbps max WAN with 17.5Gbps max LAN
When using WAN1 port only - 2.5Gbps max WAN with 27.5Gbps max LAN
Primary and secondary internet connections Dual-WAN ports for failover accommodating two internet connections to maintain a reliable link. The first connection functions as the primary and the other as a backup
Leverage up to 8 VLANs Separate the network into smaller groups for more secure and efficient use of network resources.
Supports up to 8 DHCP servers Allows for automatic assignment of IP addresses, simplifying network administration.
Firewall protection against malicious incoming traffic Prevents unauthorized access to the network and monitors the communications between the network and the outside world.
NETGEAR Insight Remote/Cloud Management Instant discovery, configuration, and management of your network and Pro Router. Free 1-year subscription included.
Versatile rackmount design Reverse mounting rack ears included for front-facing or rear-facing ports as desired for a clean or traditional look.
IPSec Site-to-Site VPN Provides up to 30 VPN tunnels for businesses to connect remote workers, branch offices, and partners to the main corporate network.

Network Diagram:

Small Office - IT Business PR60X

Small Office - IT Business PR60X

Headquarters - Regional Offices - IT Business PR60X

Headquarters - Regional Offices - IT Business PR60X



Models: PR60X
Gigabit Ports WAN/LAN 1 x 10G/Multi-Gigabit Copper (Configurable LAN/WAN)
1 x 2.5G/1G RJ-45 (WAN)
3 x 2.5G/1G RJ-45 (LAN)
1 x 10G/1G SFP+ (LAN)
DMZ Interfaces (Configurable) Yes
LAN-to-WAN Throughput For 2.5G WAN port, LAN-to-WAN throughput is 2.4Gbps
For 10G WAN port, LAN-to-WAN throughput is 9.4Gbps
Maximum Number of VLANs 8
Firewall Functions Firewall Traffic Rules/Scheduling, Port Forwarding, Port Triggering, Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Port/Service Blocking, Denial-of-service (DoS) Prevention, Stealth Mode, Block TCP Flood, Block UDP Flood, Respond To Ping on Internet Port
ISP Address Assignment DHCP, Static IP Assignment, PPPoE
Routing Static, Dynamic, RIPv1, RIPv2
DHCP Server 8
VLANs (Up to 8) 802.1Q
Essential Networking Features MAC Address Cloning/spoofing, NTP Support, UPnP, Auto Uplink on Switch Ports
IPsec Encryption/Authentication 3DES, AES (128, 192, 256 bit)/SHA-1, SHA-2 (256 bit), MD5
Key Exchange IKEv1, IKEv2, Pre-shared Key
Access Modes Remote access via Insight Remote Cloud Management
Management Options Insight Remote Cloud Management
Logging Accepted Packets, Dropped Packets Statistics, System, Source MAC filter, Session Limit, Bandwidth Limit, IPsec VPN
Log Delivery Insight logging
Troubleshoot Diagnostics Ping, DNS Lookup, Trace Route, Speed test
Maintenance Save/Restore Configuration, Restore to Factory Defaults, Firmware Upgrades, Display and Monitor Statistics
Processor Quad Core ARM A73 @ 2.2 GHz
Packet Process Engine (PPE) processors
Flash Memory/RAM 2GB DDR4/4GB eMMC
Major Regulatory Compliance Environment: RoHS
Safety: CE/LVD, CSA
EMI: FCC Part 15 Class B, CE mark
Temperatures Operating Temperature: 0° - 40°C (32°-104° F)
Storage Temperature: -20° - 70° C (-4° - 158° F)
Humidity Operating humidity 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing
Storage humidity 95% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing
Electrical Specifications AC Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.3A
Dimensions (W x D x H) 17.3 x 3.9 x 1.7in (440 x 100 x 43.2mm)
Weight 3.34lb (1.513kg)
System Requirements Cable or DSL Broadband Modem, Internet Service, Windows Client Device, Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome/Safari Web Browser
Warranty and Support
Hardware Warranty* 3-year
Next Business Day Replacement 3-year
Free Technical Support* 90 Days
ProSUPPORT OnCall** 24x7 Service Packs Category 2
Insight Remote Cloud Management 1-year Insight subscription included
Package Contents
  • NETGEAR PR60X 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual-WAN Pro Router with Insight Cloud Management
  • Rack-mount kit
  • Rubber feet (for Desktop deployment)
  • Power cord(s) (varies by region)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Installation guide

*This product comes with a limited warranty that is valid only if purchased from a NETGEAR authorized reseller, and covers unmodified hardware, fans and internal power supplies – not software or external power supplies, and requires product registration at within 90 days of purchase; see for details. Intended for indoor use only.
**The NETGEAR OnCall 24x7 contract provides unlimited phone, chat and email technical support for your networking product.


Download the NETGEAR PR60X Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Netgear Products
NETGEAR 10G/Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router with Insight Remote/Cloud Management
Price: $1,042.30
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