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BE18400 Tri-Band PoE 10G Insight Manageable WiFi 7 Access Point


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NETGEAR Insight Managed WiFi 6E AXE7800 Access Point with Power Adapter
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Advanced WiFi for Advanced Business

The WBE750 expands the NETGEAR Insight Cloud Access Point products to offer a next generation tri-band access point that includes a new and ultra wide, ultra fast WiFi frequency band. The WBE750 is a 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz tri-band design delivering up-to 18.4Gbps total WiFi throughput, supported by a 10G/Multi-Gigabit Power-over-Ethernet port, and industry leader of technology innovation and performance in its product class.

The WBE750 enables industry's next generation WiFi standard, WiFi 7 operating on 6GHz band, delivering unprecedented data throughput speed and available channels for WiFi connectivity with smartphones, IoTs, and computers. The newly expanded 6GHz band provides up to 2.4 times more channels for WiFi communication, enabling the WBE750 to deliver faster speed, handling more client devices in a significantly less congested environment.

WiFi 7 operates in 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands, with 80MHz channelization in the 5GHz band. By contrast, WiFi 7 operates in 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands, with 320MHz channelization in the 6GHz band. By enabling the 320MHz channels, the WBE750 delivers up to twice the speed in the 5GHz band than WiFi 6 Release 1 access points.

The WBE750 is ideal in high density client device environments such as schools, hotels, restaurants and conference centers, and provides enterprise-grade WiFi network security. With Insight management, WBE750 works seamlessly with your current NETGEAR Insight managed switches, WiFi access points and network storage, and is compatible with previous generation WiFi devices (WiFi 5 802.11ac for example) and WiFi access points. Enjoy a 1-Year Insight subscription included with WBE750.

With the updated WiFi 7 (802.11be) technology such as preamble puncturing,† multi-link operation,† and increased speeds, coverage, and capacity, you can feel confident that you’re getting the highest performance WiFi that’s set for years to come! Plus the assurance that you can now add more connected devices on your business WiFi network without any slowdowns or blind spots.

The WBE750 combined with Insight, helps businesses with an easy way to manage their network even without an IT expert, providing great WiFi connection leaving each of their customers satisfied as a network user. The WBE750 is compatible with other Pro WiFi Insight managed access points to form a scalable wireless network.

Business features for higher speed, greater coverage and higher density tri-band WiFi

  • Business-class WiFi based on next generation 802.11be WiFi 7 technology on 6.0GHz, 5.0GHz and 2.4GHz bands. (Backward compatible to 802.11b/g/b/n/a/ac/ax)
  • Support 320MHz channelization in the 6GHz channel and 160MHz and in the 5GHz channel to deliver 2.4 times the throughput compared to previous generation
  • Tri-band, 2.4GHz, 5.0GHz, 6.0GHz, 8 streams of data for an aggregate throughput of up to 18.4Gbps
  • Instant WiFi Mesh forming wireless backhaul with other Pro WiFi Insight managed access points to form a WiFi mesh network
  • 100% more throughput in 4-stream 5.0GHz band compared to previous generation
  • 4 times more client device supported
  • Enterprise security and Enhanced Open security, such as WPA3, WPA2 Enterprise, WPA3 Enterprise, 8x SSID, Dynamic VLAN and VLAN
  • Basic Service Set Coloring (BSS Coloring) enabling significant improvement in radio frequency channel effeciency and reduction of interference
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) allowing simultaneous services to multiple devices in the same channel thus improving bandwidth efficiency and reducing latency
  • 10G/Multi-Gigabit PoE++ (802.3bt) Ethernet port, compatible with 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G connections, supported by NETGEAR MS510TXUP, MS324TXUP, MS108TUP, and other MultiGigabit Ethernet switches
  • Target Wake Time (TWT) allows more efficient power usage resulting in longer battery life in WiFi 6 client devices
  • Beamforming+; Advanced 6th generation WiFi technology such as up and downstream MU-MIMO
  • Remote management and monitoring from NETGEAR Insight app or Cloud portal for unrivaled management experience of your wireless network.
  • Quick installation and setup through NETGEAR Insight app or Cloud portal. No additional hardware needed.
  • Market leading 5-year warranty with 24x7 chat support for peace of mind

The Future of Business is Here

Achieve real-time responsiveness, super low latency, and greater capacity while doubling the data throughput of WiFi 6E.

Experience advanced WiFi for advanced business.

Remote monitoring and management with NETGEAR Insight

  • 1-Year Insight subscription included
  • Instant discovery & set-up
  • Local and Cloud monitoring and management through the Insight app or Cloud Portal
  • Remote access and multi-device configuration
  • No additional Cloud controller, appliance, network manager, or PC/server is necessary
  • QR code intial configuaration for instant installation

Simply activate NETGEAR Insight Cloud management to manage your network. Anytime. Anywhere.

Activating NETGEAR Insight Cloud management enables users to experience simpler configuration and deployment from anywhere using the NETGEAR Insight app from mobile devices or the Insight Cloud portal from any device with a web browser.

Unique advanced management features of these Insight managed devices include:

  • Remote monitoring and management with performance dashboards and troubleshooting features including remote reboot, port and PoE advanced configuration including remote enable/disable/power-cycle, PoE scheduling, and firmware updates with auto-schedule mode
  • Single pane-of-glass multi-device, multi-network, and multi-site remote monitoring and notifications with the NETGEAR Insight app
  • Full-fledged local or remote access for configuration, management, and monitoring on a larger display using your tablet, laptop, or desktop computer through the NETGEAR Insight Cloud portal
  • Configurable in-app and email alerts and notifications
  • Auto-join and configure (zero-touch provisioning) for additional Insight managed devices added to the network
  • Centralized network configuration (policies) across Insight managed switches, and access points for VLANs, ACLs, QoS, LAGs, etc.
  • Cloud-based network administration, monitoring, and firmware management


Multi-Link Operation

Blocks interfering frequencies and uses the adjacent frequencies available in that channel, instead of making the entire channel unusable.

Preamble Puncturing

Reduces signal interference, which allows WiFi devices to use parts of different channels to transmit data, greatly reducing network congestion.

Lower Environmental Impact

Built with a mix of partially to fully recycled materials and features that support power saving modes via NETGEAR Insight Remote Management.

Higher Bandwidth

Accommodates ultra-wide 320MHz channels for transmission speeds up to 5Gbps to WiFi 7 end-point devices.

Connection Diagram:

WBE750 Deployment Scenario

WBE750 Deployment Scenario


Technical Specifications
WiFi Standards 6.0GHz: 802.11802.11ax/be
5.0GHz: 802.11a/n/ac/ax/be
2.4GHz: 802.11b/g/n/ax
Wireless Mode (Transmit x Receive) 4x4 in 6.0GHz
4x4 in 5.0GHz
4x4 in 2.4GHz
Channelization 5GHz: 20/40/80/160MHz
6GHz: 20/40/80/160/320MHz
BSS Coloring Yes
Multi-User MIMO Bidir and MU-MIMO
Target Wake Time (TWT) Yes
Maximum Theoretical Throughput 18.4Gbps
Maximum Theoretical Throughput per Band 6.0GHz: 11,530Mbps
5.0GHz: 5,765Mbps
2.4GHz: 1,147Mbps
Antenna Gain nternal 4.4/6.3/3.1 dBi (2.4GHz/5GHz/6GHz)
Power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.3bt/at
PoE Power Consumption 39W
Centralized Management NETGEAR Insight Cloud
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Yes
Wireless Distribution System (WDS)
Repeater Yes
Bridge Point-to-point/Multi-point Yes
Simultaneous Bridge and Wireless Client Association Yes
WiFi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2/WPA3), 802.11i Yes
MAC address filtering with access control Yes
802.1x RADIUS support with EAP TLS, TTLS, PEAP Yes
Neighbor AP detection Yes
Block SSID Broadcast Yes
VLAN Support Yes
Guest Network/Captive Portal Yes
Bandwidth management Yes
Link Layer Discovery Protocol Yes
Bandsteering Yes
Instant WiFi Mesh
Wireless backhaul to form Mesh Network Yes
IEEE 802.11ax WiFi 6 standard Yes
WMM Wireless Multimedia Prioritization Yes
WDS Wireless Distribution System Yes
Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af No
Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3at Yes, max throughput will reduce by 50% on 2.4GHz, 25% on 5GHz and 25% on 6GHz
Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3bt Yes
Physical Specifications
Dimensions 172 x 172 x 44 mm (6.77 x 6.77 x 1.73 in)
Weight 0.95 kg (2.09 lb)
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
Physical Interfaces
Interface One 10G /Multi-Gigabit PoE++ port (IEEE 802.3at or 802.3bt doesn't support IEEE 802.3af)
Power adapter (not included) 12V DC, 3.5A; plug is localized to country of sale
LED One (1): Power and cloud connection;
Two (2): LAN ports;
Three (3): Radio (2.4GHz, 5GHz, 6GHz )
WiFi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2, WPA3) Yes
WPA2 and WPA3 Enterprise Yes
Wireless access control to identify authorized wireless network devices Yes
MAC address authentication Yes
Network Management
NETGEAR Insight Cloud Management App Management for setup, monitoring and management
Advanced Wireless
Wireless Distribution System (WDS) Repeater mode
Adjustable Transmit Power Control (TPC)
Device detection
Identify type of wireless clients in the network
Package Contents
  WBE750 Insight Manageable Access Point
Wall/ceiling mount kit
Installation guide
Warranty and Support
Hardware Limited Warranty 5 years
Next-Business-Day (NBD) Replacement 5 years
Technical support (online, phone) 90 days free from date of purchase*
ProSUPPORT OnCall 24x7 Service Packs** PMB0312-10000S, 1 year
PMB0332-10000S, 3 years
PMB0352-10000S, 5 years

*This product comes with a limited warranty that is valid only if purchased from a NETGEAR authorized reseller, and covers unmodified hardware, fans and internal power supplies – not software or external power supplies, and requires product registration using the Insight mobile app or Insight Cloud portal within 90 days of purchase; see for details. Intended for indoor use only.
**The NETGEAR OnCall 24x7 contract provides unlimited phone, chat and email technical support for your networking product.

Radio Patterns:

Radio Patterns



Download the NETGEAR WBE750 Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Netgear Products
NETGEAR Access Points
NETGEAR Insight Managed WiFi 6E AXE7800 Access Point with Power Adapter
Our Price: $699.99